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  • Chauffeur London Range Rover
  • Chauffeur London Range Rover
  • Chauffeur London Range Rover

Our Range Rover chauffeur cars handle more extreme roads and harder to get to places and is capable of carrying 4 passengers with luggage comfortably stored. The soft leather interior, heated seats and tinted windows provide impeccable comfort. The option of DVD and TV’s will make any trip more enjoyable.

Choose between the Range Rover Sport, a car exuding confidence, strength and allure. Its sleek, robust design marrying cutting-edge technology and contemporary luxury ensuring that your journey is delivered with zest and panache, or the Range Rover Vogue, a car for all seasons, powerful, muscular and low-to-the-road.

The lustrous finish to the Range Rover fleet makes your arrival a subtly distinguished entrance.

Range Rover Sport chauffeur service

Performance (Manufacturer's Estimates)
SDV6 255hp
Maximum speed mph (kph/h) 124 (200)
Acceleration 0-60mph (0-100km/h) seconds 8.5 (8.9)
Fuel Economy SDV6 255hp
Urban mpg (L/100km)28.8 (9.8)
Extra urban mpg (L/100km)34.9 (8.1)
Combined mpg (L/100km) 32.1 (8.8)
CO₂ emissions (g/km)230

Range Rover Vogue chauffeur service

Fuel Economy (Manufacturer's Estimates)
LR-TDV6 3.0 Litre Diesel Engine
Maximum speed mph (kph) 130 (210)
Acceleration 0-60mph (0-100kph) seconds 7.4 (7.9)
Urban mpg (L/100km)33.2 (8.5)
Extra urban mpg (L/100km) 40.4 (7.0)
Combined mpg (L/100km) 37.7 (7.5)
CO₂ emissions (g/km)196